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New Prom Limousine Law in California

Limousines are a popular alternative for transportation to and from the prom. The state of California has recently enacted strict regulations which may effect certain vehicles operated by companies who provide limousine services for proms.

The California state legislature has approved Assembly Bill 830 (AB 830) to address safety concerns regarding school transportation by charter-party carriers including limousine companies. AB 830 requires the California limousine company to obtain a special permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles and requiresadditional training for drivers operating a School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB). Limousines are classified as a SPAB vehicle if they provide transportation services to and from schools or school functions and carry large number of passengers.

Not all California limousine companies are authorized to operate a limousine classified as a SPAB. The seating capacity of the reserved limousine will determine if this additional license is required. Limousine companies caught operating without a valid SPAB will have their vehicle impounded by the California Highway Patrol. As a result, passengers will be forced to find alternative transportation.

Bottom line, when booking a prom limousine for a group of people, passengers and/or parents need to verify that the limousine company has a valid SPAB license.

All Renaissance Limo Bus Drivers are "School Bus Certified" drivers, which is the highest certification in California.



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